UM’s Kasha Cacy Named to AdAge’s ‘Women To Watch’ for 2017

May 30, 2017 | Share this article

What was your first job?
My very, very, very, very first job was in high school at a florist in our town. My job was to plant all the seeds for the spring flowers and vegetables, which was an immensely hopeful thing to do and felt really good. … We would sit at these bays of little tiny dirt pots, and our job was to stick a single seed into each pot with our finger. The glorious thing was come two months later, they were flowers. So I think it taught me about how really little actions can sometimes result in big results.

What was your biggest mistake?
I worked with a really wonderful group of people, and there was a point in my life where there was a lot of change going on, because a client I had worked on went from one agency to another. Most of the people I worked with were going to the new agency, but I had this thing in my head about I wasn’t going to follow a client to a new agency. And so I went and worked client-side. Three months later, I called the new agency and told them I’d made a terrible mistake and that I wanted to join them. What I learned was the people you work with are really important. You can have all sorts of job titles on your resume, and you can have companies on your resume, but none of that really matters if you’re not working every single day with people that you love and who support you and who you support, and who you can make great things happen with.

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