UM’s Karen Hunt Named to AdWeeks ‘2017 Working Mothers of the Year’ List

February 28, 2017 | Share this article

With Hunt at the helm, UM retained Sony Entertainment, and she now oversees both LA and San Francisco.

How motherhood helped her succeed at work: “I am far more compassionate now that I am a mother. Having children has certainly allowed me to become a more well-rounded person. I’ve also realized it doesn’t have to be a balance between professional and personal life, but rather an integration of the two.”

Meaningful family moments: “We have many traditions in our family: Going to get a Christmas tree; celebrating half birthdays with half of a cake; special cupcakes for breakfast on your birthday; our annual family camping trip; and our Thanksgiving thankful tree where we write on leaves each day the things we are thankful for.”

How she disconnects: “I ride my Peloton Bike. It is the best invention, where I can take live or on-demand spinning classes from my own home. It allows me to completely disconnect my brain and just enjoy the music and working out. I am obsessed with it!”

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