Time Emerging As Industry Metric: The Big Question Is How Long It Will Take

September 22, 2016 | Share this article

Now that the ad industry has come to a consensus that the currency of digital media-buying should be based on human, “viewable” impressions, industry execs are turning their attention to, well, attention. And the time people give to digital advertising. That was the focus of a one-day event in New York City Wednesday — the aptly named Conference on Time and Attention — which also took place, aptly, in Time Inc.’s auditorium in Lower Manhattan.

“It’s something that is evolving,” UM Worldwide Senior Vice President-Digital Innovations and Investment Erin Rech said during a panel examining the media-buying and planning implications of shifting to time-based and attention metrics. “We are learning more and more how not only viewability matters, but time and attention.”

Rech noted that it has already become a factor in “branded content” strategies and executions, and that agencies are just beginning to factor it into media planning and starting to think about how it impacts “your reach and frequency goals.”

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