How One Pollster Correctly Predicted Brexit

July 1, 2016 | Share this article

As the world reverberates from Britain’s decision to leave the Europe Union, the shockwave making the vote all the more surprising was that no major polling company correctly predicted the outcome. Yet one new organization, Qriously, did correctly foresee what would happen.

Qriously used a different technique to the established market research organizations. Qriously’s secret was mobile. They harnessed the new advertising serving technology that is revolutionizing the digital advertising world by redeploying that technology to serve survey questions instead of ads to smartphone owners.

Critically the day before the Referendum, seven out of eight research agencies wrongly predicted that “Remain” (in the EU) would account for 51%-55% of the total vote. Bucking the trend, Qriously forecast just 44%. See their analysis here.

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