IPG Mediabrands Launches New Social Media Agency in Ireland

May 30, 2017 | Share this article

Irish advertisers are investing more of their budgets in social media – €50.8m in 2016 up 133% from €22.1m 2015- according to IPG Mediabrands which this week launched a new social media agency in Dublin called Mediabrands Society.

“However, it’s becoming an increasingly complex space for brands. Quite apart from the main platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Google+, LinkedIn, You Tube and Pinterest all vying for spend, there’s the added pressure on brands to decide which Insight, Buying, Measurement and Targeting Tools work best for their particular needs,” says Eamon Fitzpatrick, managing director of IPG Mediabrands.

“And with so many other factors at play in this constantly evolving environment the choices As a socially led, fully integrated marketing agency, it’s a first of its kind for Ireland,” he adds.

Mediabrands Society is headed up by social media manager Lorna McGinn.

“Data and Insights are used to develop our recommended strategies for clients. And the backbone of that process and one of the biggest assets we have here at IPG are the results generated by WAVE, our global social media tracker. This material adds real depth to our understanding of what’s happening now and will allow us to drive new commercial opportunities for our clients,” says McGinn.

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