Here’s How Brands Can Connect With College Students Throughout the School Year

August 31, 2016 | Share this article

As students across the country head back to school after a few months of relaxation, global media agency UM partnered with Chegg to help brands better understand how they can connect with 18 to 24-year-olds as they make the transition away from beach vacations and back to papers and exams.

For brands looking to target this group, who will spend $163 billion on non-essential items in the next year, connecting with them as they head back to campus is important, but UM’s study found that the back-to-school season isn’t the only time to make an impact with college students. There are other key milestones and times when brands can connect.

Of the roughly 600 students surveyed by Chegg, 75 percent identified doing well on their first test as a milestone, while 71 percent said getting their first bad grade is another meaningful moment. Other milestones include the first set of final exams, moving into a dorm and registering for classes.

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