Young advertisers from Ogilvy, Grey and UM have won the Young Lions competition and will go on to represent Australia at Cannes Lions next month.

At an event held in Sydney, News Corp announced the winners of the Young Lions competition in four categories, including young marketer, cyber, print and media.

In the print category Grey copywriter Jenna Morrissey and graphic designer Rachel Harley took the top prize.

UM strategy executive Grace Espinoza and partnerships executive Charlotte Berry took the gong in the media category.

BARCELONA — Brands have had long enough to adapt to the reality of modern media – consumer are all over mobile. So why are so many getting it so wrong?

When IPG’s mobile and technology agency Ansible worked with survey group YouGov to produce an index ranking brands’ effectiveness at mobile presentation, some of the figures shocked global CEO Travis Johnson.

The index examined 2,000 brands in 15 countries against 60 criteria, generating some 240,000 data points.

“The entire score was out of 130 – there are some brands in the US and around the world that were getting 10s and 20s,” Johnson tells Beet.TV in this video interview during Mobile World Congress.

Imagine you’re a marketer for a chain of retail stores, and rather than opening your doors and welcoming customers with a friendly smile, your staff removes store signage, blocks the doors, ignores customers, clutters the aisles, hides products and leaves the cash registers unguarded.

You’d have some pretty unhappy customers, and you would relinquish any chance for sales. Not to mention that you would be wasting a ton of media money driving people to visit your store in the first place.

While that’s a horrifying analogy for marketers, it’s indicative of the experiences many brands inflict upon their mobile customers. And with the majority of website traffic now coming from mobile devices—indeed up to three-quarters for many brands—this opportunity cost is huge.

Last week, I had the opportunity to address some of the business community’s most prominent leaders as a keynote speaker at Mobile World Congress. My presentation was in stark contrast to the innovation throughout the conference halls. The central theme addressed how marketers talk about being “mobile-first.” But very few are walking the walk.

IPG Mediabrands announced the launch in Italy of Rapport , the network agency specializing in the Out of Home (OOH)and in media buying and planning activities.

The launch of Rapport strengthens the offer of IPG Mediabrands in Italy, providing customers with a comprehensive service that will point to the integration of external, mobile advertising, digital and emerging technologies.

Fabio Nobili has been appointed Managing Director of Rapport in Italy and will report directly to Michael Cooper, CEO, Rapport.

Social listening data is often used only to influence social campaigns. Siloes within agencies can keep it from informing media campaigns in other channels.

IPG Mediabrands, for instance, has multiple media buying agencies, including a search and social unit called Reprise Media as well as its trading desk, Cadreon.

Reprise and Cadreon made a good effort to work together, with Reprise handing off data trend reports for Cadreon to consider during its programmatic buys. But the process was…well, a bit of a process.