Irish advertisers are investing more of their budgets in social media – €50.8m in 2016 up 133% from €22.1m 2015- according to IPG Mediabrands which this week launched a new social media agency in Dublin called Mediabrands Society.

“However, it’s becoming an increasingly complex space for brands. Quite apart from the main platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Google+, LinkedIn, You Tube and Pinterest all vying for spend, there’s the added pressure on brands to decide which Insight, Buying, Measurement and Targeting Tools work best for their particular needs,” says Eamon Fitzpatrick, managing director of IPG Mediabrands.

“And with so many other factors at play in this constantly evolving environment the choices As a socially led, fully integrated marketing agency, it’s a first of its kind for Ireland,” he adds.

Mediabrands Society is headed up by social media manager Lorna McGinn.

“Data and Insights are used to develop our recommended strategies for clients. And the backbone of that process and one of the biggest assets we have here at IPG are the results generated by WAVE, our global social media tracker. This material adds real depth to our understanding of what’s happening now and will allow us to drive new commercial opportunities for our clients,” says McGinn.

May 1 kicks off National Teacher Appreciation Month and to celebrate The California Lottery, which gave $1.5 Billion last year to the state’s public schools, has created the #ThankATeacher campaign. The campaign is designed to encourage the public to take a moment and post a message on social media thanking teachers that made a difference in their lives.

California Lottery’s Back To The Start video with Venus Williams and Ms. Judy Vellegas. Directed by Academy Award nominated filmmaker Lucy Walker. Produced by Digital Creative Agency, Mediabrands Society:

By Nick Childs, CCO of Society Who was in the room saying, ‘Uh, there’s a problem in the script here’? Maybe it started as a looser idea, something where she was just joining a movement. It may have started much more vanilla, or a less terrible idea than it manifested itself into. But this ad

“Snapchat’s success as an ad platform will come down to a highly engaged and unique audience proposition, which it has to grow and protect. As for now, it’s the unrivaled place to find super-engaged audiences under 25-30 years old. But it’s a fickle audience that will move elsewhere if relevance, features and excitement decline on the platform, or if competitors replicate and improve its baseline functionality.

In the past five months, Snapchat has evolved very quickly to improve capabilities and support. They seem to have all the pieces in place with great momentum. But concerns about the value proposition of advertising to their audience could disrupt that.”

IPG Mediabrands has received an impressive total of 26 shortlists for the upcoming Festival of Media APAC Awards. A testament to IPG Mediabrands’ strong global network, the shortlisted entries represent work produced by Ansible, Initiative, Society and UM. Festival of Media APAC Shortlists Best Communication Strategy Make LEGO The Star of Christmas for LEGO, UM Sydney Best Engagement

IPG Mediabrands has rolled content-creation arm Mediabrands Publishing into social media agency Society. Thursday’s merger will tie content creation closer to distribution and targeting across platforms.

“You can’t just push content organically anymore,” said Rob Bernstein, managing director at Society. “You need two bookends: smart targeting and really good messaging. It’s not about taking a 30- or 60-second video and doing a cut-down.”

Leveraging data from across Mediabrands, Society is designed to send more relevant messages to consumers and measure impact across platforms.

IPG Mediabrands Rebrands Rally Worldwide in Malaysia

January 3, 2017 | Share this article

IPG Mediabrands has rebranded its social media arm Rally Worldwide, to Society, in Malaysia. The rebrand sees the evolving shift of social community management services towards a more holistic, data-driven content marketing approach on digital. It also looks to embed real-time targeted content which drives commerce and builds brand affinity. Society Malaysia will look to

HAIM Go Back To High School To Thank Their Teacher

November 23, 2016 | Share this article

Before sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim formed Haim, they were students at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. The three sisters were highly impacted by their history teacher, Mr. Freedman, and teamed with the California Lottery to return to the school to honor him. The touching scene was captured in a heart-warming video.

Freedman is clearly surprised and filled with glee and pride at the role he played in the Haim sisters’ development. The ladies discuss how the teacher changed their view of school and how he “gave us his ears.” He would start his lessons by playing music and talking about current events, which helped influence HAIM. Many of us were influenced to our current positions in life by a special teacher during our youth and it’s wonderful to see Este, Danielle and Alana get to honor Mr. Freedman. Watch how it went down:

“The long tail is indeed very long, and there are still a ton of smaller growth pools that are likely not seen or tracked in context,” said James Douglas, executive director of social media at Mediabrands Society. A researcher added, “It’s easy to capture Facebook and Google; they report their revenue, so they can’t miss those. But the market is probably bigger than IAB reports, which may mitigate the results.”

Although APIs are a critical part of scaling digital advertising, the way they work across platforms can be confusing.

Some APIs are easy for marketers to navigate and require no assistance. Others are unwieldy and mandate third-party partners. Digiday talked to agencies to get their take on various platforms’ ads APIs. Agencies reported that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter’s APIs are easy to work with, while Pinterest’s and Snapchat’s are pretty limiting.

Digiday also asked agencies to rate each API on a scale of one to 10. But take the ratings with a grain of salt since APIs evolve and the older players have a huge advantage.