BMW Launches First Customizable TV Spots with BrightLine

November 29, 2016 | Share this article

BrightLine, the market leader for advanced TV and OTT advertising, has partnered with UM, a division of IPG Mediabrands, to launch BMW’s latest ad innovation. By using BrightLine’s new in-stream immersive ad unit for BMW’s connected TV commercials, viewers can customize a BMW X1 in-spot and begin their showroom experience without getting off the couch.

By combining BrightLine’s video and content enhancement system, the commercial combines full-screen HD video with an interactive element that allows the viewer to use their remote control to change the color of the car, or rotate it to see different angles, all within the :30 spot. UM, working in partnership with the IPG Mediabrands’ Cadreon Advanced TV team, led the investment strategy to support the campaign on leading premium content publishers with inventory across connected TVs.

In addition to the enhanced viewer experience, BrightLine’s InCast platform provides a deeper layer of measurability and campaign reporting metrics for the media seller, the client, and the agency, allowing for true one-to-one measurement, reporting, and real-time creative optimization.

“Experiencing the ultimate BMW driving experience can now start with the TV commercial,” said Tim Hill, EVP Managing Partner, Investment, UM. “By combining the right media buy with Brightline’s technology, viewers can instantly customize their BMW X1, starting the brand engagement before entering the show room. Through this partnership, we can also accelerate the ROI and effectiveness of TV, taking advantage of its evolution to more dynamic and immersive streaming environments in the OTT space.”

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